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Get to know the fencing club at VSU

The fencing club is something VSU has not had since 2009. However, the resurgence of the club looks like it will be here to stay for years to come. There are still a few obstacles for the organization to overcome, but once they do, they will be set up to grow quickly. The fencing club is centered around the sport ...

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People poll: What did you just realize?

“People don’t always do for you as you would do for them,” Courtney Smith, a junior accounting major, said. “I just realized that there is an emergency signal on the strap of my bookbag that I have had for a while,” Jack Walker, a senior English major, said. “I learned how to use Snapchat filters not too long ago,” Eric ...

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Crime Report 3/5-3/19: A wave of thefts go unchecked

Mar. 5, 2018 At 3:41 p.m., a student reported theft of a bookbag from a bench near the basketball court. Mar. 6, 2018 At 2 p.m., a student reported being pushed and slapped by a known person. The subject is not a current VSU student. Case turned over to Investigations. Mar. 6, 2018 At 2:18 p.m., a student reported theft ...

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Get to know the Anime and Manga club

At VSU there are over 200 student organizations, but one students may not know of is the Anime and Manga Club. This is a group for like-minded people who enjoy discussing anything having to do with Japanese art and animations. If you are someone that likes anime, this organization is a great place to go because of the chance to ...

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Opinion: Georgia Senate Bill 375 moves Georgia in the opposite direction

On Feb. 23, the Georgia Senate passed Senate Bill 375, which has been named the “Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act.” This bill, if legislated, would mean that adoption agencies would have the right to refuse anyone on the justification of the adoption agencies religion. This means they can deny gay couples, couples of any religion, and couples ...

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Planetarium shows ‘Larry, Cat in Space,” teaches kids about the moon

The planetarium show on February 23rd, 2018, played an animated short story for kids around Valdosta named “Larry, Cat in Space.” “Larry, Cat in Space” was a short, funny children’s animation made to help teach children about the moon. None-other-than Larry the Cat himself narrated his exciting story. Larry told the audience about how he ended up on the moon, or “meoown,” as he ...

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Class waitlists present better ways for registration

As of this semester, VSU implemented a new system to change the way class registration works: class waitlists. Waitlists are queues students join when a class is at full capacity. From there students are notified when a spot opens up in the class. “If a student selects a class that is full, the registration screen will ask if they wish ...

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Mental health panel hosted at VSU

On Nov. 15, the Philosophy and Religious Club hosted a panel on the mental health crisis in America. They want to try and find ways to combat the problem. The panelists consisted of Lesley Plugge, the Mental Health Unit manager at Valdosta’s prison. Patty Cosey, licensed private counselor at the Therapy Center here in Valdosta. And Becca Smith, the associate ...

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Freidhoff stresses student success through advising

Coming in with over a decade of experience, Robert Freidhoff arrives at VSU as its new executive director of advising with plans of focusing and making sure students are prepared for their after-college careers. Freidhoff previously held the position of Director of Engineering Advising at the University of Michigan and Director of Padnos College of Engineering & Computing at Grand ...

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Housing allows students to stay over holiday breaks

Before this semester, VSU’s Housing Department would not allow students to stay in their dorms over breaks other than the students in Centennial Hall. This semester however, Housing is allowing students to stay during winter and spring break. Changes have also been made to how food will be provided to accommodate those who decide to stay on campus over these ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!