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Editorial: College campuses are not immune to the threat of mass shootings

Odessa and Midland. Dayton. El Paso. Gilroy. Virginia Beach. Aurora. Each city hundreds of miles apart—some thousands—from the next, with one thing in common: mass shootings within the last nine months. One hundred sixty-one casualties. Sixty-three fatalities. These incidents prove that Americans can’t travel, have a night out, grocery shop, attend a festival, pay bills or work at their jobs ...

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Campus carry bill: A one year later review

A year ago, the controversial bill known as “Campus Carry,” or HB 280, passed. Many students on college campuses throughout the state of Georgia held differing opinions on the matter. Last year, HB 280 passed through the state senate, making its way to former Gov. Nathan Deal, who signed the legislation therein allowing firearms to be carried on college campuses ...

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Editorial: VSU responsible for safe space after Campus Carry

Back in May, Gov. Nathan Deal approved House Bill 280 allowing concealed weapons on college campuses. Known as the “campus carry” bill, anyone with a firearm permit can carry concealed guns on public campuses except in on-campus preschools, faculty and administrative offices, disciplinary hearings, dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses and classrooms that have a high school student in attendance. Deal ...

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Campus Carry is Now in Effect

Written by Alex Dunn, Campus Life Editor Photo courtesy of WCTV This month started off with a bang when the new Georgia House Bill 280, also known as “Campus Carry”, was taken into effect on July 1. The bill was proposed earlier this year to frequent and controversial debate. The campus carry legislation is meant to affect the University System ...

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