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Test-only college admissions may spark racial discrimination

Researchers at Georgetown University have come out with a study that involves higher education only accepting students based on standardized test scores. Standardized tests are used to give all students with different backgrounds a fair chance with the same criteria. However, they can be a disadvantage for students whom don’t test well. Traditional college and university admissions usually include letters ...

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The 4-year vs. 2-year college debate: Which is better?

Recently, a debate has begun as to whether a four-year college or a two-year trade school or technical education is superior. There are many compelling arguments for both sides, and there are advantages and disadvantages to whichever educational route students decide to pursue. There are a variety of factors that play a role when prospective students are deciding what type ...

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Pros and cons of owning a pet in college

Let’s face it. The majority of college kids, or people in general, love their pets. Cats and dogs alike become family rather quickly, and the bond that’s created is immeasurable. If you have a pet, you understand exactly. If you haven’t, you could be missing out. There’s a lot that goes into owning a pet, though. Before checking out a ...

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Eating disorders come in many disguises

When college students return home for winter break, it is an opportunity for parents to notice changes in their children, and sometimes they’re not always good changes. Those changes could include eating disorders. The real signs of an eating disorder not only lie in appearance but also mood and habits. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 25 percent ...

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Debunking a college misconception

A myth has been circulating around college campuses that states if your college or university is burned down, all current students graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Dr. Vincent Miller, president of Student Affairs said this myth is simply not true. “The college experience is most certainly tied to the physical structure of the building, but as we know, changing education, ...

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Five things you should do the first month of college

You’ve finally made it to college. All your years of schooling have led to this moment. Now that you’ve moved into your dorm and have started classes, this month will be a roller coaster. Balancing your developing social life and academic career can be tough. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the roller coaster and ...

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