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Debunking a college misconception

A myth has been circulating around college campuses that states if your college or university is burned down, all current students graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Vincent Miller, president of Student Affairs said this myth is simply not true.

“The college experience is most certainly tied to the physical structure of the building, but as we know, changing education, online courses and distance learning has made earning a college degree more flexible from anywhere.” Miller said. “If the campus was to burn, we would likely seek alternate ways and locations to instruct courses, including facilities that might be for rent to continue teaching classes. VSU is also a part of a larger higher education system in Georgia, and we share resources from anywhere possible. Maybe we would share class space with another college in the area or even use local school buildings until we could rebuild.”

After Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University suffered an extensive amount of damage. The university’s president at the time, Scott Cowen, announced that classes would be cancelled for the entire rest of the fall semester. It would be safe to assume, under most conditions, VSU would close for the amount of time it would take for the university to get back to working levels or find another alternative for students to receive the education everybody pays for.

It is doubtful that anybody would want his or her college campus to burn down or suffer through any natural disasters.

“A college degree is earned by passing all of the number of classes determined to earn the degree,” Miller said. “That’s the only way I know to get a degree, regardless of how and where you get it.”

Story by Kaitlyn Baich, staff writer. Photo by VSU.

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