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A simple guide to make it through college

Higher education can be a daunting, hard-to-navigate transition, so we have provided a simple guide with tips and tricks to help you succeed:

Attend every class

As a student, it is imperative that you attend every class. You can be easily left behind on assignments if ditching class becomes a habit. It is your responsibility to obtain the information that you missed.

Take effective notes

Learning to be an effective note taker is the difference between sinking and swimming. Even if you think you might know the material, write it down. It is much easier to study your own notes. You’ll thank yourself later.

Engage in class

Oftentimes, just being present in lecture or class is not enough. Not only does participating in class engage your brain, but it shows initiative. Contributing meaningfully to the classroom structure will show effort in your learning.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved on campus, like going to events, joining organizations and communicating with your professors. Doing these things allows you to build a strong network of people. Belonging on campus is all part of being successful during your college experience.

Goal Setting

Having goals for the future creates a motivation that allows you to organize your time and priorities. It’s important to have long-term goals in mind during your college years. Accomplishing them will be  self-rewarding.

Mental health checks

Taking time to check-in with yourself is important. Using mental health resources is a good idea throughout the semester when stress starts piling up. Keeping a clear mind and putting yourself first is key to having a successful semester.

Make college a smooth transition by using your resources. Starting out on a good foot helps prepare you for the rest of your college  career.

Written by Madeline Harper, staff reporter. Photo courtesy of Kilie Huckleby.

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