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Providing pacifiers for pouting politicians

I am not a political genius. This might seem like an awkward way to end a very political month, but it’s true. All I do is state the obvious and point out –what should be –common sense. Anybody can do this. Which begs the question why those who fancy themselves as political geniuses can never do so when making a ...

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Pick your poison, America

Apparently my attempt at Swift inspired sarcasm went over a few heads last week. It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to modeling the health care debate after Gulliver’s Travels. I guess I’ll leave the extravagant tales about health care to our politicians. The health care debate has done well to turn our greatest politicians into raging zealots that ...

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Kenny’s immodest proposal

Blazers, the petty arguments in Congress have brought our government to a standstill. The war between Democrats and Republicans has become so bad that our country can no longer be productive. Fear not, however, for I have a solution that will allow our nation to move forward and without interruption by clubhouse politics. America, we must kill off one of ...

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Don’t lock and load in public

I’ve often said that this is a great time for anger. With politicians wasting time arguing which party rocks the hardest and the rising cost of everything, it has never been a better time to be mad. On a related note, this is might be a bad time to be carrying a gun. By now, I hope that everyone has ...

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Oil crisis, war, crooked politicians-1970 or 2010?

     Dudes, you know I hate to say I told you so, but I knew we were in for a rough ride after Hendrix bought the farm years ago. It’s as if the protective shroud of purple haze has lifted and gave the man room to crash the party.    Seriously, what a buzzkill.    Numero uno of what’s wrong ...

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You’re not in high school, anymore

 If you’re trendy, then you probably had a moment during the holiday break when you either revealed the color of your underwear or rigged said garment with an explosive.   With underwear making recent headlines, I found it appropriate to point out how silly it is for the student body to soil themselves in fear after only one week of ...

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This is a big thank you for nothing

I imagine that some of you may have been surprised to find that Tiger Woods was not the only one getting busted up over the break. While the rest of the student body was preparing to stuff their mouths with turkey, attendants at a Sigma Nu party were chewing on fists and broken teeth. But not to worry Blazers, there ...

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Wake up out of your apathetic funk

You’re so vain, you probably think this article is about you. Well, you’re right. However, you can put away the tin foil hat and relax because you are not the only student of VSU. As in last week’s editorial, “Your News, Your Views,” when we say “All Blazers” we mean ALL Blazers. So with that misunderstanding cleared up: Attention all ...

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VSU flasher caught

 Last Thursday, the VSU Police Department arrested a suspect in the recent indecent exposure cases throughout Valdosta, after he was reportedly seen engaging in a sexual act in a stairwell of the Education Center.  According to VSUPD, around 1 p.m at the Education Center, a student, whose identity is not being released, was using the copy machine located in the ...

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Ignorance is not a victimless crime

 First things first: congratulations to the VSU Police Department for apprehending the guy who had been violating the sense of personal safety of the women of Valdosta. Also, kudos to the student who gave a timely report and accurate description that resulted in the flasher’s arrest.  As for the rest of the student body, I suggest that you carefully remove ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!