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Editorial: Push through your semester woes

Take a deep breath with us. *Inhale* *Exhale* Did you do it? Probably not, so let’s try this again. *Inhale* *Exhale* See? That’s better. The worst is over, Blazers. Well, until finals that is, but at least you can take a breather for a few days. Midterms are finally behind us, and the well-deserved fall break and unexpected hurricane days ...

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Editorial: Rekindling the Firepit

A student section is meant to be flamboyant, energizing and most importantly, loyal especially when the team is slapping around competition while in route to inserting their selves in history. The Blazers are 7-0 and ranked No.7 heading into the homecoming game. They’re arguably the greatest show on DII turf, averaging 50 or more points per game, making them the ...

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Editorial: VSU students petition to cancel classes

As we know, Hurricane Irma ravaged parts of Georgia and Florida earlier this week. This affected many students who left the Valdosta area. VSU already cancelled classes Monday through Wednesday, but a student decided to petition the VSU administration to cancel classes for the rest of the week. The author of the petition used Irma’s unpredictability as an argument for ...

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Editorial: Open debate will solve statue issue

The white nationalist rally that turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia on Aug. 12 has infuriated the public for weeks. The Robert E. Lee statue controversy ultimately reintroduced attention to U.S. monuments across the country. Who do they represent? What is their message? Our nation is again confronting the legacy of its most divisive war. A majority of the statues were ...

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Editorial: VSU responsible for safe space after Campus Carry

Back in May, Gov. Nathan Deal approved House Bill 280 allowing concealed weapons on college campuses. Known as the “campus carry” bill, anyone with a firearm permit can carry concealed guns on public campuses except in on-campus preschools, faculty and administrative offices, disciplinary hearings, dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses and classrooms that have a high school student in attendance. Deal ...

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Editorial: Spectator going Digital

Three, two, one: The countdown began last week to mark how many more issues of the Spectator has left in print. Because, ladies and gentlemen next semester this friendly campus newspaper won’t exist as a physical, printed object. Starting in the fall, The Spectator will be 100 percent digital. For decades, new issues of the VSU newspaper regularly appeared around ...

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Editorial: A Conglomerate not doing enough

Why does nobody care until it’s too late? The VSU SGA is asking that very question. An evening questioning the VSU government administration led to the belief that students don’t consistently attend the weekly meetings in the Student Union. The student body will simply have to do better than this. Each Student Government meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday in ...

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Editorial: Graduation

Graduation at VSU is 37 days away. Graduating seniors have a little over a month left of undergraduate assignments, tests, quizzes and class. Seniors also only have 37 days to get caps, gowns, friends and family members ready for the big day. If anyone has ever been to a graduation ceremony, particularly at a university, he or she knows it’s ...

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Editorial: Stay safe on spring break

Spring Break, you’re out on the shore with your friends and a couple of brews, having fun. Students across the country will be visiting beaches with their friends to celebrate the week. Common spring break activities include a lot of drinking and partying, which is normal for most college students. Chances are you will have a great time, but things ...

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Editorial: Don’t subscribe to the ‘media is dishonest’ mantra

Journalism is not the enemy. Washington Post Editor Marty Baron is one of the premier names in American journalism. Best known as the figurehead of the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” findings, Baron’s Post has gone head-to-head with President Donald Trump throughout the last two years. Trump calls the media dishonest, an agenda-filled group of reporters who take aim at him and ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!