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People Poll: How Do You Feel About the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, and Do You Think Georgia Will Adopt This Bill?

Jonathan Pelham, sophomore psychology major “I disapprove because it takes away the origins of life. I don’t think Georgia will get this bill because we’re too southern.” Jillian Blevins, sophomore communication disorders major “It’s absolutely disgusting children should be able to learn as much as they can in school—especially in public school. It’s definitely a possibility with the political state ...

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VSU celebrates Trans day of Visibility

VSU held the Trans Day of Visibility event on March 31st, an event providing resources and encouragement to transgender and gender non-binary students on campus. The venue showed famous transgender people in history and media and played a documentary on the experiences of the transgender community and their experiences throughout history. Food was provided for participants, as well as resources ...

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SGA hosts Mockingjay Talent Show

The Spring 2022 Hunger Games: Mockingjay Talent Show was held Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the University Center’s Magnolia Room. Marcus Houston, an SGA senator, hosted the event. There were four judges for the talent show: Housing Supervisor Michelle Kinney SGA Student Body President Jalen Smith Student Conduct Coordinator Christina Kidd Patterson Resident Hall Director Harold Jones There were eight ...

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New soap shop arrives to Valdosta

Buff City Soap opened on March 31, with the shop offering a wide variety of handmade and plant-based hygiene products. The new shop uses natural oils and scents that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is safe for anyone to use. “Being plant based, it really speaks to a lot of people because obviously you only have one temple and you ...

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Column: Universities should be the safe space that diversity needs

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills are being proposed through legislation that could cause harm towards the community, and if they are passed, universities should be a safe space and include diversity. Nearly 240 bills were proposed in legislation that restricts the rights of the transgender community and the LGBTQ+ community. One law that has been passed in Florida, known as the “Don’t Say ...

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VSU hosts Research Symposium Week

VSU’S Symposium Week will consist of many presentations and contests from April 4 to 8. It will consist of a guest speaker, oral presentations, poster presentation, and a video contest. There will also be a graduate student portion of the symposium. The events are open to all VSU students, staff and faculty. The Keynote Address for the Undergraduate Research Symposium ...

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Georgia Army National Guard Recruits at VSU

The National Guard office opened on VSU’s campus on Oct. 1, 2019. The previous Battalion Commander, Col. McDougal, came up with the idea of opening the office because the National Guard offers state tuition assistance for public universities. He took his idea to the Board of Regents, who then took the idea to multiple universities in GA. The resources that ...

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Board of Regents Ignores Recommendations to Change Problematic VSU Building Names

Buildings on VSU's campus named after problematic historical figures

The USG Board of Regents decided against renaming more than 70 building across the university system last semester that are named after those who partook in slavery, oppression, anti-Semitism and supremacy. Five of these buildings are located on VSU’s campus, including residence halls. They are Ashley Cinema, Brown Hall, Langdale Hall, Lowndes Hall and Patterson Hall. The buildings are named ...

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The BA.2 Omicron Variant

A new variant of the infamous COVID-19 Omicron strand, now accounting for the resurgence of COVID, has begun to spread and is now named The Stealth variant. This strain now makes up 12% to 20 % of the diagnosed cases, and it has doubled in the last few weeks from a minor contributor to being one of the most dominant ...

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