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Students discuss ex-con voting rights

Written by: John Stephen & Taylor Stone Pro Millions of Americans are being cheated out of their right to vote, and the law of the land is to blame. Attorney General Eric Holder recently gave a speech at Georgetown University, during which he discussed the voting rights that are given to−or more importantly, withheld from−convicted felons. Determining the voting status ...

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Sam sex ban gets booted in Oaklahoma

Written by: Taylor Stone Injustice occurs when the federal government tries to take away a state’s constitutional right to determine legislation on certain issues, such as same-sex marriage.  Recently, Federal Judge Terece C. Kern ruled that the ban against same-sex marriage in Oklahoma is unconstitutional.  The 10th Amendment of our Constitution states that “the powers not delegated to the United ...

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Labels can be used positively negatively

Written by: Taylor Stone What comes to mind when you think of a college student? Your immediate thought is most likely one recalled from personal experience; we think of staying up all night studying for finals, full class loads every semester, and, most likely, a full-time job. See what I did there? I just labeled you as a hard-working student, ...

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NSA possesses new scary technology

Written by: Taylor Stone What if the U.S. government tracked every phone call you’ve ever made and every e-mail you’ve ever sent and stored them all on servers so large that it would require 1.7 million gallons of water each day just to keep the computers cool? Unfortunately, this isn’t a trailer for the latest sci-fi movie; rather, it’s the ...

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Immersed in culture: Study abroad creates opportunity

Written by: Taylor Stone  For many students, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel outside of the “norm” and to experience a complete cultural immersion. College universities provide a wide variety of academic programs in foreign countries for one key reason: to help you get a job. Sure, you may want to study abroad because you have always wanted ...

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Welfare: Assistance, not dependence

Written by: Taylor Stone The concept of welfare supports equality of opportunity for everyone regardless of social status or the innate capacity of the individual to achieve equality through hard work and determination. To do this, government officials take it upon themselves to level conditions to allow for the basic standards of living to become universal. Welfare promotes a “positive ...

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The many meanings of rape

Written by: Taylor Stone  The word “rape” has been loosely construed over the years to have a myriad of different meanings that change on a mystified whim depending on the individuals involved and the circumstances. To define an action, that action must have parameters that limit and characterize it, rather, it must have certain identifiable elements that allow us to ...

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SPLOST returns to Lowndes’ ballot

Written by: Taylor Stone Have you noticed any new local or area projects around the Valdosta community lately? Chances are, you have noticed the new Gornto Road Extension at the intersection of Woodrow Wilson Drive and N. Patterson Street, but who paid for the $1.9 million project? You did because it was funded by SPLOST revenue. The “Special Purpose Local ...

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Ignoring the U.S. laws

Written by: Taylor Stone Over the years, President Barack Obama has racked up quite an impressive list of constitutional violations that should have even his staunchest of followers questioning the true motives behind his actions. The First Amendment guarantees the American people incredibly important freedoms, including the freedom of religion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!