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How old is too old for costumes?

 It is the social norm for children to get dressed up in their cute costumes and go from door to door with their moms and dads to the friendly, candy-giving neighbors, saying that infamous phrase, “Trick or Treat,” but who says older kids and adults can’t join in on the dressing-up fun?
 Halloween is a time for witches, goblins and ghouls to haunt the night, but as the years progress, there are more and more ways to spend the holiday that can include any age.�
 One popular Halloween activity is parties. Whether you’re bobbing for apples or hosting a costume contest, people of any age tend to enjoy these. You could dress up and go dance the night away or just relax with some friends and watch scary movies in the dark. You are never too old to enjoy Halloween.
 Anywhere selling Halloween costumes tends to sell adult outfits. Of course, the older you get, the more revealing the clothing. I guess the costume industry feels the need to appeal to teenagers and adults, mainly the female wearers; they have to make the costumes, such as famous Disney and fairy tale characters, more “mature.” Why spend $20 to $50 on a costume that will barely cover you up when you can just go to Goodwill or search through your friends’ and your closets for something creative and original? At least they still keep children’s costumes cute and appropriate, I suppose.
 So it’s established by the mainstream industry that young and middle-aged adults and, of course, children can dress up for this yearly scarefest, but what about the older generation? Sure, they are seen as the ones who sit in their rockers on the porch and tend to have the best houses to hit up, but surely they like to dress up and have a good time, too. While some of them can’t really wear the costumes designed for younger adults, they can wear generalized costumes such as witch’s gowns and vampire’s capes. Of course, companies should try to make, and stores should try to include, costumes fit for the elderly, giving them the option to dress up if they choose to.
 Let’s face it: you are never too old for Halloween. Anyone from the smallest baby to the oldest grandma can partake in this wonderful holiday, whether by sitting at home passing out candy on a decorated porch, out partying with good friends, getting scared out of your mind watching nonstop horror films or going out and trick or treating with the children. Age is not a reason, in my opinion, to miss out on the Halloween fun.
 So get dressed and get prepared for an exciting (or relaxing) scary night!

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