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‘09 Social Perspective survey results released

 Social Perspectives: Exhibit 56: Colleges have the right to ban extreme speakers from campus.
 In the fall of 2009, an experimental survey was conducted on a group of freshmen on various social perspectives. One of the questions asked whether or not colleges had the right to ban extreme speakers from campus.  Of those asked, 51.3 percent either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that colleges had the right to ban extreme speakers from campus.
 Several students from the fall 2010 school year were later interviewed in regards to the results of the 2009 freshmen social perspective experiment. Many of the students had responses similar to that of the survey, yet others had a different outlook.
 “I feel the results are pretty accurate,” Victor Sanks, a junior chemistry major, said.  “People have different opinions on who they think should speak and more specifically about what, so it could be used to portray the student’s true feeling about the issue. It could raise controversy between those that really don’t want to be limited on who can speak to us and those who feel the college has the right.”
 Some students felt that no college should have the right to determine who can and cannot speak to the students.
 Though many students agreed, many also had dissenting opinions. “Yes I strongly agree with colleges having the right to ban and limit extreme speakers because they know what type of experience and situations students will eventually run into,” Sierra Smalls, a freshmen communication sciences and disorders major, said. “They know that students might be easily influenced by the speaker, so they should be able to choose who speaks because it could affect each student directly.”
 “I somewhat disagree. I feel that students should be able to have an open mind and that colleges should hear various speakers no matter what they have to say,” Marcel Ausborn, a senior office administration technology major, said.
 The concluding results from this year, which were taken from a wider variety of upperclassmen, differed slightly from last year’s freshmen survey.

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