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Texting law not realistic

 `This past summer, a Georgia law was passed that prohibits texting while operating a motor vehicle. The new law prohibits typing, sending, and reading any form of text-based communication. If drivers are caught performing any of these acts, they will be assessed a $150 fine and one point on their driving record.
Sound harsh?

Maybe it is, but in 2008, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 21 percent of police reported crashes were due to driver inattention. While texting, a driver’s eyes are taken off the road, their hands are taken off the wheel and they are focused on composing a text, rather than actually driving. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but our generation seems to pull it off successfully. Perhaps it has to do with our keen ability to multi-task, a trait not as prevalent in our parents.

 Even so, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve had a couple of close calls. Although I try to use discretion, there have been at least a dozen times where I’ve almost bumped bumpers with the person in front of me because I was trying to send a text. I usually try to wait for a red light to send a text, but that can turn ugly when the light changes over before you’re done.

 Could banning texting while driving actually make things worse? It all comes down to hand/arm positioning. Before the ban, it was acceptable to have your arms resting on the steering wheel, with your phone suspended in between your hands. Now that it’s illegal, wouldn’t some drivers want to hide what they’re doing? Instead of having their hands suspended high enough to see the road, drivers might be more inclined to text in their lap.

 Sure, I suppose we could all just magically stop texting when we’re on the road because it’s illegal now, but I don’t see that being realistic. I’m still of the opinion that good discretion is still the best policy. I just hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me later.

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  1. Let a loved one of your get killed by a texting driver and it will change your mind. Lost a son to a 17 year old teenager texting and hit him headon killing him instantly. Now you make Justis in that.

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