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Voters make difference

 The elections are over. Ballots have been casted and counted and no matter what political party you voted for, someone will end up unsatisfied about the outcome of the elections.
Out there, right now, there are conspiracies being thought of to make sense of why his or her expectations weren’t met for this election. Some of these theories maybe true to some extent, but you can’t impose your beliefs, biases or extreme theories on an entire election. Because the truth of the matter is, you’re not the only one dedicated to a political party.

 This was an exciting year for new voters,  the excitement and the rush of knowing that their vote actually has a good chance of making a difference.

 That vote did make a difference. It made a difference in how the younger generations are perceived in the future elections and voting polls. It has showed the traditional older voters that the younger generations care just as much about voting.

 The election year has changed our generation and enlightened our world view to something more than just the latest pair of sneaks or pumps on the shelves.   As the next generation, we have proven that we can vote on more than just a video on Youtube. We expressed to the world that we have issues that we are concerned with and that we are ready to fight for them.

Just because one election didn’t go your way you shouldn’t be discouraged.

 In time, a voter will learn more about their party and about their candidates.  Voters may learn that a candidate of a different party may offer something new that fits a voter’s ideals better and don’t be afraid to agree with that candidate. Know that this won’t be the only election. We will always have a chance to get our voices heard.

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