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Students take early vacation

The highly anticipated spring break tends to leave the classrooms bare as some students opt to skip out on Friday classes in order to jumpstart their spring break plans.

On average, students report seeing a 30 percent decrease in class attendance on the days prior to their spring vacation.
owever, some students fear leaving early because of scheduled exams and important assignments that require a full week of class attendance.

“I do not leave early because that’s when everybody gives a test,” Sarah Demontt, a senior history major, said.

According to Dr. Larry Wiley, psychology professor, not all professors plan around students and their spring break plans.

“I don’t manipulate my class to make them show up,” Wiley said. “Frankly, I don’t care if they’re in class or not. I can’t worry about that. I teach the material and I present it in a way that they need to be there.”

Although exams scheduled before break do prevent students from ditching class, sometimes it is merely a coincidence for tests or projects to fall a day or two before spring break.

“I don’t intentionally schedule tests to keep that from happening,” Dr. Mark Smith, English Department head, said. “I schedule tests at a time that is appropriate for testing,”
Spanish Professor Ericka Parra, also feels her exams are coincidences.

“I don’t strategically plan the exams right before break, but it usually turns out that way because of how the chapters fall in the textbook.”

While the coincidences occur, there are still occasional rebels in the bunch.

I leave early for spring break most of the time because I have to travel to Alabama to see my grandma,” Ranesha Jackson, senior, early childhood education major, said. “If I’m going to travel six hours, then I need to leave early so I’m not driving for all hours of the night.”

James Reffel, psychology professor believes that it is up to the student to make good judgments in regards to class attendance.

“I think that sometimes it is more noticeable because more students choose to take that day, but students are paying for it. It’s their education, and they take responsibility for it,” Reffel said.
Parra feels that having exams before spring break is actually beneficial to the students.

“It keeps students from having to worry about important assignments while they should be having a relaxing break,” Parra said. “ To me spring break means relax and have fun.”

Some students have a more focused mindset regarding spring break.

“I usually leave after all my classes and I usually come home early so can feel refreshed before classes start again,” Danielle Wilkerson, a junior history major, said.” I have noticed that many students are tired when they come back, probably because they have waited until Sunday night to return.”

In the future, hopefully students will make wiser decisions regarding their spring break plans.

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