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Christians face persecution in Egypt

Written by: Taylor Stone


Following the 2011 uprisings throughout the Middle East, commonly referred to as “The Arab Spring”, the Obama administration and the mainstream media quickly set out to dismiss valid concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood would take power if various regimes were overthrown. Administration officials as well as the President repeatedly stated that the Islamic organization was absent from violence, had no interest in taking over, and most ironically, that they were a “mostly secular” group.
President Obama led the rhetoric, assuring the American people that the Muslim Brotherhood would not become a threat.
“Egyptians have inspired us, and they have done so by putting lie to the idea that justice must be gained through violence,” Obama said. “For in Egypt, it was the moral force of non-violence.”
White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, followed in the chorus of praise for the Muslim Brotherhood.
“We will judge Egypt’s political actors by how they act,” he said. The reality of the situation is horrifying, and continued assurance from the administration to say otherwise has proven to be in direct conflict of reality. Additionally, the virtual silence in media coverage surrounding the persecution of hundreds of Coptic Christians in Egypt by – yes, you guessed it – the Muslim Brotherhood, is particularly disturbing.
The administration and the media continue their silence amidst the throes of chaos as Egypt becomes unhinged by the mass slaughtering of Coptic Christians, which happen to be the original inhabitants of the region.
Innocent Christians are being murdered and raped without mercy while their churches continue to be burned to the ground. Crosses are being toppled from steeples as genocide, comparable to the execution of Jews in Germany during the 1930’s, continues to flourish.

The continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood by the United States has been called a “suicidal road of delusion,” ending in a destabilization of the entire Middle East. The silence from the media and administration is deafening, and speaks volumes about the shameful attempt to shift focus away from the devastating outcomes that have resulted from a dangerously misguided policy.

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