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Excremental Compass



Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin

Have you ever been curious, or annoyed with your dog spinning in circles, walking over here and then over there just to find a spot to poo.

Well according to a team of Czech and German researchers, they might not just be trying to bug you. Canines may have an inner compass that dictates how, and where they do their business.

Researchers suggest that dogs will align their bodies with the Earths magnetic field before relieving themselves. When the magnetic field is stable, dogs will stand in-line with the North-South axis, avoiding the East-West axis.

What is even more comical, or monotonous is that these scientists observed well over 6,000 potty breaks from 70 unleashed dogs during the time period of about two-years before reaching their conclusion.

That’s what you call some dogged research!

After pouring through their data, they realized that dogs preferred the North-South axis, but only when the Earth’s magnetic field is calm. This means that our canine friends are quite magneto-sensitive, and are predictably unsettled by even the slightest changes in our magnetic field.

Dogs aren’t the only creatures to show this sensitivity to the MF. Cattle and deer have been known to graze facing the North-South axis. Fish and birds also utilize the magnetic field when navigating long distances during migration.

So for those of us with these incredibly indecisive canine potty breakers, don’t get too annoyed. It’s merely nature helping them build a comprehensive minefield in your yard.



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