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A rich history: First person shooters, a staple for gamers

Seeing the action unfold through the eyes of a character is an experience that can be lived when playing first-person shooters.

The first-person shooter has been around since the early 1970s. Two of the first games in this genre were “Maze War”, which was a game in which players rambled around in a maze battling foes and “Spasim,” a space simulation credited for being the first 3D multiplayer game.

Even though these games pioneered the genre, there was one game that popularized first-person shooters for years to come and that game was “Wolfenstein 3D.”

This game was created in 1992 and as it worked its way into living rooms, the expansion of first-person shooters has been rapid.

Written By: LaMarcus Wilkerson

Nowadays, the video game industry is dominated by the genre.

At some point in your life, you have witnessed a first-person shooter firsthand and have personally experienced or seen the emotional effects it has.

The genre allows players to experience the action that a character sees through his or her eyes, which gives gamers a personal feel from a first-person perspective.

That’s why your face is distorted after being capped by a peeping tom from a distance in a multiplayer match.

Regardless of having vague feelings toward your virtual demise and reincarnation, gamers have been mesmerized by first-person shooters such as “Halo”and “Call of Duty.”

“Halo” and “Call of Duty” have left behind a legacy that is nothing short of legendary.

And recently Call of Duty has released COD: Advanced Warfare; a title that introduces futuristic warfare to its audience and players have a variety of high-tech weapons and perks at your disposal.

First-person shooters have made the video game industry very competitive.

The competition is fierce and the thought of scarcity lingers in the conscious of gamers so they wait in line at midnight to buy a copy of the latest first-person shooter.

Once a gamer has the opportunity to play, their time is consumed and they explore a virtual world through the eyes of a character or multiple characters, which is an amazing experience.


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