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Planning and Budget Meeting

Written By: Marquez Slaughter

The Planning and Budget Council met for an agenda meeting last Friday morning to follow-up on the conference held on Sept. 12.

In the conference, the council detailed the arrangements of how the meeting and future meetings would be held. The meetings have and will continue to stress that planning and budget are independent, and will also continue to focus on the purpose of the budget within the context of the council’s strategic plan.

“The Planning and Budget Council meeting is the process by which we bring together all elements of planning, budgeting, and operation of the university,” said Dr. Hudson Rogers, chair of council and vice president of academic affairs.

Dr. Rogers also said that the council tries to have sub-committee meetings and go up to the full decision as a committee to be recommended to the president of VSU for final determination.

President William McKinney was present to the meeting Friday and sat alongside of Dr. Rogers at the head of the council table.

“Let me just reemphasize comments that I made on the floor of the senate a week ago, the process that we are going through right now is a planning exercise,” Dr. McKinney said. “What is going on at the board level right now, and Traycee [Martin] will go into more detail, is a rather accelerated process.”

He emphasizes on how quickly the process of planning is, because he said VSU’s next budget hearing will be Dec. 10, which means that when the legislative session begins in January, both governor’s office and the legislator have a sense of where the entire University System of Georgia sits in terms of what it will want and need in terms of budget.

He ended his input and said that the council will always share the planning and budget information on the website (www.valdosta.edu/administration/emc/institutional-research/data-and-reports) and “anywhere else it needs to be” to get input from the campus’ community on budget planning.

Dr. Rogers then began to go over the Fiscal Year 2015 E&G Budget chart for Sept. 9 because of his receiving of emails on confusion about the chart.

The total E&G fund is $113,383,277, and this total includes state appropriation revenue ($49,492,789), tuition projected through June 30 ($51,475,682), special institutional fee – $295 per student ($7,518,350), other E&G Revenues ($3, 286,767), and tuition carryover from FY14 ($1,609,649).

Dr. Rogers gave an example and said, “When you have tuition of, let’s say, $51 million, and if we made only $50 million, the board and its match goes back and we have the opportunity, if they decide to do that, to lower that $49 million.” He then read out the planning sheet from the legislators, which from him reading said, “It seems as though, we may have to pull back roughly 11 percent of what we give you [the $49 million].

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