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SGA Discuss, Debate and Decide Homecoming King and Queen Qualifications

SGA Senators offered input for qualifications for next year’s homecoming king and queen in the last meeting. Senator Matthew Cowan presented a resolution for homecoming King. Following his presentation, the senators started a discussion over the qualifications for homecoming king and queen.

SGA Senators were in agreement that the GPA should be raised for homecoming king and queen candidates; some senators wanted at least a 3.0, 2.5 or 2.75. Senator Marquia Smith wanted to raise the GPA requirement from 2.0 to a 2.75. A discussion was started for the raise, but she later withdrew her idea. Senator Briana Copeland offered her opinion of raising it to just 2.5 and another discussion was held.

“It’s hard to maintain that 3.0 when you’re so active and involved on this campus,” Copeland said.

Following Copeland’s discussion, guest member Tremaine Genias took the floor.

“There are a lot of students who do a lot of work…, but don’t necessarily have that high GPA. Just because someone has a high GPA doesn’t mean that everybody knows them,” Genias said.

Senator Zyaisha Hackett said, “I agree with the 2.75, 3.0 because if we’re looking up to somebody it should be an all-around student. I know some students are in a lot of organizations, but they still maintain that GPA. I feel like that should be the characteristic of a homecoming king and queen.”

“I believe that, from what we’re hearing in my opinion, a 2.75 is the happy medium because a 2.5 is what we require for the exec board for a position however I felt that they were even trying to raise that even a little bit higher so I think as an overall the university has been trying to raise our GPA slowly, but surely,” s Quineshia Claiborne said.

Copeland was offered the chance to withdraw the 2.5 GPA proposition, but declined. The senators voted on the 2.5 GPA and the majority voted no. The GPA raise to 2.75 was passed immediately after a unanimous vote for it was placed.

The discussion then moved to rising the completed hours from 15 to 30, which would not allow a freshman homecoming king and queen. President Barker informed the room that the reason why 15 hours was listed as a qualification was because some freshman do not take the full load their first two semesters so they will not have the full 30 hours their second year.

Another vote was held to raise the amount of hours needed to qualify as homecoming king and queen and majority voted no.

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