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Netflix Picks: The go-to movie to watch at home

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Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

If you are still looking to “Netflix and chill” even after the colder months have passed, or simply want to watch a movie by your lonesome, then this list is for you.  The list below is collaboration between my own movie experiences and some suggested titles.

  1. City of God

This movie has personally become one of my favorite gangster films. The movie is the story of a kid who rises to the top of the totem pole, while one kid makes it out of the slums by becoming a photographer. This was a special film because almost all of the actors were from the “City of God” which is a ghetto in Brazil. The movie is a wonderful collage of flashback scenes, which are not typical of your everyday gangster flick.

  1. Kid Cannabis

Also not your typical gangster flick, Kid Cannabis is the true story of a teenager that transports weed across the border from Canada and becomes a millionaire over the span of about 3 years. The catch is that this isn’t your stereotypical drug dealer, but his story gets very real, very fast. He is depicted as a nice kid who gets picked on, but as he gains power, his personality starts to shape that of, the very same people who shunned him in the first place. The movie shows that even a nice kid can become corrupted by money and power.

  1. Good Burger

If you haven’t seen Good Burger then you’re lost. I’m just kidding, but Good Burger is a classic movie that you probably haven’t seen since you were a kid. It may even be before the freshmen class’ time considering that the movie dropped in 1997. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell of the 90s show “Kenan and Kel” work at a burger joint during the summer, when a new burger joint that is selling terrible substances in their food comes into town. How fitting of the times that we live in now? A movie about how unhealthy fast food is came out way back then, but that is a story for another time.

  1. Ip Man

If you are into kung-fu movies then I strongly recommend Ip Man. This movie not only has amazing fight scenes, but it also showcases a theme of hope. Ip Man teaches children Kung-Fu in a relatively small village, but his skills are put to the test when a Japanese general comes into town to fight Chinese men. Ip man doesn’t want to fight at first, but he is eventually pushed to his limit, a mistake the Japanese general would soon regret. Ip Man also has two other movies in which his superior skills are displayed.

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