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AMC its theater texting ban…then changes its mind

Written by Miles Brown, Staff Writer

Last Friday, AMC scrapped plans to allow theater patrons to text during movies. The AMC Ceo decided on this based on the negative response the policy received from critics and moviegoers. The policy was first introduced as a way to attract millennials. However, many moviegoers decided against this measure, one man Jeremy Conrad said “Do this and I’ll never go to AMC again…” In a recent poll conducted by Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans polled said it’s not okay to use a smart phone at the movie theater (Brett Molina USA TODAY). In conclusion, AMC theaters will not allow texting in theaters.

Adam Aron may have thought his company would gain more ticket sales and attract a younger demographic by allowing texting in the theaters. However, he failed to see the repercussions of allowing texting. Many adults and majority of Americans go to the movies to enjoy the theater experience. Cellphones have always distracted and taken the focus away. Many feel as if it is rude and impolite to text, talk or play games on the phone, especially when the theater is very dark. Overall, many movie goers would refrain from going to AMC theaters because of this. That is why Mr. Aron decided against enforcing the new policy. He knew he would lose more customers than he would gain.

Is it wise to allow texting in theaters? The only answer that comes to mind is no. If the fact that many people get annoyed by things such as crying babies, loud chewing and bright lights, allowing texting in a movie theater will just add more fuel to the fire. There have been similar situations in which texting is allowed as a new policy in facilities, however, a movie theater should not be one.

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