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Pop Addict: NYFW, Kim K and Fenty

I’m here to serve some tea, and it’ll be Lipton. So, let’s get to it my Pop Addicts.

Kim Kardashian is going for baby number three with her husband, Kanye West. She is going to have a surrogate this go-round. What would seem like a joyous occasion for any expectant mother has turned into a publicity nightmare for Kim because of, yes, the Internet. The Internet has tried to shame Kim Kardashian for her own choices that affect her family. The negativity couldn’t have possibly reached my Twitter timeline any faster. “She’s only doing this to preserve her fake body”, “She’s very selfish” ….yadda yadda yadda. Listen, a woman’s body is her body. She makes the decisions with what goes on with its daily activities. Also, we (the general public) don’t know what’s going on with her personally. Let her make her own decisions, and thrive off of those decisions. Thanks.

Mean Girls has been dubbed “one of the best movies of the 00s” for years now. The creative team behind the movie classic is now working on a Broadway musical. I hope that the play will be as funny as the movie because if not then the classic could potentially be ruined. The premiere is set for March 12, 2018. Let’s hope that the musical will be “so fetch”.

Rihanna is known as a powerhouse in any field that she competes in. Whether it’s the music industry, fashion industry, or her humanitarian efforts. Her newfound love for the beauty industry has already shown how marketable she is. Rihanna’s new line “Fenty Beauty” has only been out for a week, and has already seen huge numbers in sales. What makes her collection so unique and different is not only because of her name, but her actual products. Fenty Beauty has 40 shades of foundation, 10 shades of her match stix for blush and bronzers, Killawatt a freestyle highlighter that comes in 6 shade palettes, blotting paper, blotting powder, and a gloss lip balm. Whew, that’s a lot! For a first edition of a makeup collection, Bad Gal Rih Rih has definitely hit the mark. For the past two years, dark skin girls (and some brown skin girls) have noticed the lack of darker shades of foundation in the market. Rihanna has tried to fix that trend. All of her darker shades of foundation are sold out. This is one of the most diverse beauty lines that I’ve seen within the last 3 years. Great job Rihanna.

New York Fashion Week is known as one of the most important weeks in the fashion industry. Over the last 5-8 years, it has become a big event for pop culture as well. New York Fashion Week this year was during Sept. 7-13. It featured great designers, and great fashions. Also, some of your favorite music artists and actors came out as well. From Nicki Minaj to Nicole Kidman, the runways were star-studded with A-list celebs. The after parties were some of the best moments of the week. The trends for Spring 2018 will be new and fresh while also bringing forth some of the old things (vintage, Americana style) we love so much in fashion. All in all, NYFW was a success.

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Written by Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor.

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