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SGA grows in quality and quantity

A year ago SGA struggled to find a group of committed members to serve the student body. Now they have a plethora of new senators ready to serve the campus.

At the weekly SGA meeting, the senate heard five new applicants to fill vacant senator seats.

This came a week after president Maya Mapp swore in new freshman senators.

Those five students ranged in major, classification and involvement on campus but all five were approved by the senate as new senators.

Mellissa Wolfe, Arlandis Lundy, Kaylyn Turner, Talvin Westbrook and Summer Mayfield all made presentations before the senate making a case for why they would be good candidates for the vacant senator positions.

While they all were not unanimously voted upon, and some of the votes took longer to conduct than others, eventually they all were approved.

These newly approved senators add to the ingredient that SGA has been looking for during their rebranding period. A mix of fresh blood and students that are heavily involved in campus through various organizations.

With all of these appointments, SGA should be more than capable to appease student issues.

Written by Juston Lewis. 

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