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Students say there should be more school spirit

Going into college, students expect school spirit to be exactly how the movies portray it. I have not seen VSU promote homecoming week as much as people imagine VSU would.

The most I have seen is VSU’s band and Blaze the mascot promote excitement for our school.

Sophomore, business major, Kelsey Sielagoski believes the school should do more to promote school spirit.

“I think the school should do more for us to get involved and be more school spirited because I don’t think they really care if we care or not,” Sielagoski said. “They didn’t really put posters up, just the sororities do. I definitely think the school should do more.”

The school should do more to promote sporting events, homecoming week, and organizational events. The other half to the school spirit issue is student involvement.

Too many students get lost in school work and cannot find enough time to enjoy what VSU has to offer. Being a student, I have experienced times where I get overloaded with school work and do not have enough time for anything else.

I also feel that students do not get involved in school traditions or don’t wear VSU school colors because they simply do not want to.

Deija Roberts, a sophomore, psychology major, believes students do not have enough school spirit.

“I definitely think I need to have more school spirit,” Roberts said. “I am in organizations, but I don’t really like to wear red or do the traditions that the school does.”

School spirit should be a bigger deal on VSU’s campus. It could be as simple as wearing school colors or going to sporting events to show that students, faculty and staff are proud to be a part of the Blazer nation.

If you are a student and eager to show your school spirit, homecoming week is a great week to start on Oct. 30 through Nov. 5, 2017.

Story by Kaitlyn Baich, Staff Writer. Photo by The Spectator.

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