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Recap of homecoming: What students thought

The homecoming theme this year was unveiled this past week revealing a masquerade theme. The week kicked off with a casino night hosted by CAB in the student union, where students were encouraged to partake in game tables, slot machines, and more. Students could win up to $5,000 in prizes.

“I think the theme is fun,” Jamisha Hillsman, a junior Biology major, said. “Masquerade themes are always fun and with Halloween happening during the week, it allowed people to dress up and include the theme in their costumes. Although, I felt like the casino night did not fit the theme. I still liked it.”

The rest of the week played up the mystery and mask aspect of a masquerade with events such as a murder mystery party and mask making. My personal favorite event was the Dia De Los Muertos, where we got to paint our faces and paint sugar skull.

“The theme this year was wonderful,” Daniel Dixon Jr., a senior criminal justice major, said. “It was a very good theme to have for homecoming, especially for my senior year. I attended the many different events that homecoming week has to offer. The event I’m looking forward to the most is the step show.”

Just like the previous years, a glow in the dark pep rally was held in the PE Complex to help get the students school spirits up. If I don’t attend anything during the week, I make sure that I at least attend the Pep Rally and the Step show. I feel like over the years the Pep Rally has gotten better and more interactive. I am not the only one who’s noticed the improvements that VSU has made to make the events more inclusive.

“VSU has been very interactive with their students and has done a great job of involving them into this week,” Hillsman said.

The Float Workshop party is something that I was oblivious to and peaked my interest. I think it’s a great idea that students can get together and work on the organizations floats while bonding. From participating in the past with the sidewalk chalk competition, I’ve gotten a chance to see VSU students come together to encourage one another and help each other, despite a competition.

I can say that this year’s homecoming has been a good experience for everyone. The one negative aspect was how homecoming was later than usual, and Wild Adventures was not free this year. I can overlook those cons because I thoroughly enjoyed myself and so have many others.

Story by Cynthia Papailler, Staff Writer. Photo by VSU.

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