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People Poll: Should guns laws be more strict?

“If a way is found to help people feel safer on campus, I think that they wouldn’t feel the need to carry on campus as much,” Robert De La Cruz, a junior computer science major, said.

“I don’t think that the law should even really be in place, but I do understand why they are there. I am not really sure of a way to get stricter gun laws,” Eric Ramsay, a sophomore biology major, said.

“I don’t think anything should be changed about the laws,” Caitlin Simmons, a freshman mathematics major, said.

“I don’t think that anything currently will change how strict gun laws are. There have been countless examples as to why we need stricter gun laws but because the majority of older generations that own guns are still around and voting, nothing is going to change. It’s going to take generations after us to say that we need stricter gun laws before anything changes. I think that if there is an increase in on campus assaults or on campus shootings, changes will be made, but even those changes will probably be small,” Chris Thompson, a junior business management major, said.

“Getting rid of the campus carry law is something that would I feel is needed. I do not think that it would change anything, though. I think that people would carry regardless, the real problem is implementing the changes,” Akela Harris, a sophomore biology major, said.

Story and photos by Andrew Farace, Staff Writer. 

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