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Saying Goodbye: Alex Dunn

Graduation is finally here. These past four years have flown by, and all of a sudden, I am poised for my new journey as an aspiring journalist.
VSU has used these four years to chew me up and spit me back out again. But, through all the good, bad and the ugly, I have grown into someone that feels just a half inch taller as Dr. Miller would say.
I started out as an art major, picking something I was familiar with and enjoyed. But it became clear that my passion for art had its limits. I decided to pursue another passion of mine: writing.
I have always been an avid reader, and writing never seemed to be a hindrance to me during classes. Once I made the decision to get into the program and started those first few journalism classes, I discovered that I may have finally found my niche in the VSU community.
For that I have to thank Dr. Pat Miller, the kind of adviser every student should hope to get. She made the transition into this new field of study a smooth and clairvoyant one. Then, paired with the enthusiastic and enriching teaching methods of Dr. Ted Geltner and Cindy Montgomery, my career in journalism was off to a good start.
With this program, came great friends: Kelsey, Robert, Hunter, Julie, Juston, Veronica, Bryce and most of all Darla Dunning, who I met in my freshman year and have shared this journalism journey with for four years straight.
Through this combination of friends, colleges and teachers, my skills have grown. My knowledge in anything and everything has surpassed what I even thought I could learn, and it’s all thanks to those mentioned above.
I give special thanks to my mother, father and younger sister who were skeptical at first with my choice but soon became supportive after seeing the passion I have for this career. They helped me realize just how great I can be if I put my heart and mind to something.
It has been an honor to serve as the Campus Life editor for The Spectator and senior intern at In the Game magazine. These two jobs have been major influences in my rising journalism career.
My journey continues on with moving back to the Atlanta area, my original home. The way may not be clear now, but I look forward to exploring the vast opportunities that great city can offer me.
Whatever happens, happens, but I’m glad my journey started at VSU.
Yours truly,

Alex Dunn, Campus Life editor.

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