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Staton’s station: Former VSU president may leave ECU position

A former VSU president who served a very short tenure here may be up to his old travelling ways.

Cecil Staton, who served less than a year as president of VSU in 2015 and 2016, is rumored to be leaving the post he left for, Chancellor of East Carolina University after less than three years.

Staton denies these rumors.

“My focus will be to continue to focus on ECU,” he said through representatives.

The Carolina Journal first reported that Staton was negotiating terms of his buyout. At the time, the news organization reported that he was asking for more money that was given to the president of University of North Carolina, who is departing that post on Jan. 15.

“I have not agreed to resign,” Staton told the Journal in response to those claims. Someone is playing games and being entirely irresponsible. “

Though the ECU board has been generally positive about his job performance, some say he has ruffled a few feathers.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, a $1.3 million mansion was purchased as his residence soon after he arrived. This, alongside a salary of $450,000, caused consternation.

Arriving at VSU in July 2015, Staton began working as interim president in a time when the VSU enrollment rate was at a concerning low point. Staton took it upon himself to quickly dismiss 31 faculty and staff members, with no warning and no job as the fall semester began.

The move led to student and faculty protest. But in the end, Staton was not an issue for long.

He reportedly sent out job applications for newer pastures soon after he took the position at VSU.

He resigned from his position at VSU in April 2016.

Written by Payton Fletcher, Staff Writer.

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