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The cash prize is $500. Registration is $75.

VSU begins Four Person Golf Scramble

VSU Campus Recreation is getting ready to tee-off with itsannual Four Person Golf Scramble tournament.

The tournament dates back as far as 1997 and has been played every year since then.

This year’s tournament will take place on May 23 at Stone Creek golf course.

“Four Person Scramble” is not structured like any regular game of golf because it’s played with four people instead of one.

Golf Scramble is a team effort in which four people hit the ball,then the team decides which ball is in the best place, and everyone plays off that one spot until time to advance to the next position to get a combined team score.

Scramble isn’t the only thing that will take place during the tournament.

“We’re also going to have some games and activities during the golf tournament because we want to make it an experience,” said Ryan Davis, Campus Recreation’s graduate assistant of special events and the tournament’s coordinator.

The goal of having more events is to make it even more enjoyable so the participants can relax and unwind after the stressful beginning of May.

While the tournament is a way for people to relax after a stressful school year, that is not the only purpose that the tournament serves.

The money raised will go to student scholarships for those students who work at Campus Recreation.

“We have a lot of student employees here at Campus Recreation,and they all work really hard, but we do have a few people who stand out and go above and beyond [and] are just exceptional employees,” Davis said. “We try to recognize those employees and give them the recognition they deserve.”

This recognition comes in the form of a $250 scholarship.

Using the money raised from the event on student scholarships is a not something that Campus Recreation has always done. In fact, they just started in recent years.

“Recently, we came up with the idea that if we were going to do this golf tournament [and] we’re making money off of it, let’s dump this money back into the students because at the end of the day we couldn’t run the building without the students who work here,” said Davis, who happens to be a former recipient of this scholarship.

In the past, the scholarship has only been awarded to one student, but this year Campus Recreation is hoping to increase that number and give out the scholarships to two Campus Recreation employees. That is, if participation in the event increases.

Between 12 and 18 teams usually compete in the golf scramble, including a team that contains VSU’s president and some cabinet members.

So far, Campus Recreation is expecting about the same amount of participation in the tournament. But they’re hoping the addition of the extra activities, such as the hole-in-one challenge, tee-up on the fairway and several others, will increase the amount of participation in next year’s event.

This would allow Campus Recreation to raise and to give out even more scholarship money in the coming years.

Even though the tournament won’t take place until later in May, the deadline to sign up and submit the $75 registration fee is 5 p.m. on May 17.

Players who register will receive tickets for a T-shirt, snacks, lunch and drink.

The winner of the Four Person Golf Scramble will also receive a cash prize of $500.

Written by Maria Sellers, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of VSU Athletics.

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