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People Poll: Why are you registered to vote?

Andrew Miller, freshman computer science major

“I am a registered voter and the reason that I’m a registered voter is because I actually do care about what goes on in the community. Eventually, everyone gets older, but at the same time if we don’t actually get out there and get registered then who else is actually going to make the decisions,” he said. “It does make a difference and it actually does change things. We just have to remember that. If we want to change, we are the ones to make that happen.”


Zharriah Weems, sophomore biology major

“I am a registered voter because I’m a firm believer in having a voice for myself,” she said. “There’s no reason for me to walk around complaining about things that are going on if I’m not implementing my free rights to change it, so I really feel like my opinion matters just like everyone else’s so I should exercise that right. “


Gabriela Cortes, freshman communications sciences & disorders major

“It’s my right. My aunts and my mom pushed me to register to vote since everybody fought for women’s right to vote.”


Jacqueline Hayes, freshman biology major

“I believe strongly that the younger generation needs to get more involved in voting.”


Nathaniel James, junior music education major

“I believe voting is important even though I’m not registered to vote in Lowndes county, I’m registered to vote in Atlanta.”


Written by Lenah Allen, Campus Life editor. Photos Courtesy of  Lenah Allen 

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