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People poll: What was your sweetest Valentine’s Day ever?

Kailey Wise, junior art major

“A guy got me a giant card that was just really heartfelt, and I got some flowers.”

Thomas Boyer, freshmen computer science major

“When I was back in high school, either my junior or senior year, my friend and I had gotten together about a month beforehand. We spent a really wonderful Valentine’s day together. We had dinner, a movie, and we had a nice walk on the beach afterwards. It was just really fun.”

Joy Johnson, freshmen international business major

“My sister’s biggest thing about love is family love, so we’re super close. She’s bought me roses, chocolates and things like that. She’d ask, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ and we would just have a cute little sister date.”

Nadia Wilson, sophomore criminal justice major

“My greatest valentine’s day experience is when my mother would just buy us [siblings] a bunch of candies.”

Written by Jasmin Small, staff writer. Photos courtesy of Jasmin Small.

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