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VSU community continues to come together through virtual events

VSU student organizations, including Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity

and Campus Board Activities continue to keep students actively engaged in the VSU community through virtual events on social media.

The most interactive social media platform for VSU organizations is Instagram with a feature that allows students to “go live” and broadcast any events they hold.

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity hosted “Guided Meditation” on Instagram live at 3 p.m. on April 13. They have more events planned for their Instagram page, @vstatebetas, leading up to their informational session that will be held April 21 at 7:24 p.m.

“SLB really likes to be involved with our campus community and cater to our communities’ needs,” said Michael Tedwell, vice president of the Rho Epsilon chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.

“We saw the need to bring our fellow Blazers together, and we decided it would be great to continue programming throughout the closures. It was really a group effort and collaboration to bring it together.”

CAB has also put together more than three virtual events so far since they announced on their Instagram page, @cabvsu on March 31 that they will begin hosting virtual events.

Nigeria Jackson, executive director of CAB said that they never would’ve imagined doing virtual events until things changed.

“Our biggest goal is keeping students engaged and entertained,” Jackson said.

“Study shows that students who engage in college activities have a higher chance of staying at that college their full 4 years.  As a team, it was everyone’s idea that we needed to migrate online to engage students like we normally would. COVID-19 would not stop us from delivering unique and fun activities to students while practicing social distancing. Silence at a time like this would leave a bad taste in the mouths of students that we once catered to.”

Upon executing these events, CAB monitored the common interests students have while online and used the data to increase engagement on their social sites. The same vendors CAB uses for their on-campus events such as game shows, street signs and stuff a plush began offering virtual events.

Some events held live virtually include “Tasty Tuesdays” hosted by Amber Dawson, the owner of Next Level Eats LLC. and live music events hosted by DJ Slim.

“I believe these virtual events are in a sense a way for us to still feel a part of a college community,” Dawson said.

“A lot of students have had to travel back home, while very few of us remain in Valdosta. I think virtual events give us all an opportunity to enjoy each other as if we’re still on campus, especially with a lot of familiar faces being the head of the events. I’ve truly enjoyed all the Instagram live videos branching from DJ sessions, dance tutorials, D.I.Y. tutorials and of course Cooking tutorials done by me.”

With different student organizations and vendors coming together for the VSU community, students are appreciative of the effort.

“My favorite virtual event was the Tasty Tuesday’s,” Ashanti Ford, a sophomore majoring in finance, said.

“That was a great way to incorporate quarantine lifestyle with student events! It was also a great opportunity for the upcoming business owner to showcase her talents and dishes. I do think they (virtual events) are important. It makes me, as a student, feel that they care about their student body for taking the time out to come up with ways to still connect with us even when we are off campus.”

CAB and Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity plan on keeping the ball rolling with more events for students to look forward to. Other VSU student organizations are beginning to do the same.

Written by Kayla Pool, Assistant News Editor. Photo courtesy of VSU CAB Instagram Page.

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