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Top 5 mobile apps VSU students need downloaded on their phones

Technology has evolved into an important aspect of everyday life especially during the age of COVID-19. College students in particular have had to rely on video platforms and online resources to quickly adapt to a virtual learning experience. There are so many new reliable resources that students can easily access through their mobile phones. Here are the top five mobile apps that can help any student during their four years at VSU.

1. The V-State app

Students should definitely consider downloading this app. This app, developed by VSU in 2016, is VSU’s website in an easy mobile app form. The app provides students with easy access to on-campus resources such as parking and transportation and the bookstore. It also displays class courses and assignments that are coming up in each course. Students can navigate directly to Blazeview and their flex accounts from the app home page. The app also has different channels for students to communicate on. For example, there is a channel dedicated to buying and selling items.

2.Pulse (By Brightspace)

This app is dedicated to helping students keep up with their course work and manage their workload. It quickly uploads a student’s courses to the app once a VSU email is entered. It also quickly notifies students of any announcements and grade updates that are made in each course. With a busy schedule of a college student, this app can help keep students in the know about what’s happening in each of their courses.

3.Outlook email app

Considering how many emails that get sent out a day by VSU, it’s a good idea for students to download the Outlook email app. This mobile app is just like outlook on a web browser. Students are able to view all emails that are sent to their VSU email address. The app also sends notifications when a new email is in a student’s inbox. Students can also easily reply to emails and access outlook calendar events. This app will help students navigate through the various emails sent out every day.

4.Rate My Professor app

This app comes in handy for students when it’s time for them to register for new classes. Solely based off of other students’  reviews and ratings on each professor at VSU, this app helps students analyze and decide the best professor to take. It displays comments from other students who have already taken the professor. It also displays an overall rating of professors compiled from all students individual rating of the professor. Students are able to get a brief overview of how each professor conducts their classes and the difficulty of the actual course the professor is teaching.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Some VSU classes have been converted to an online learning setting and some professors are using a video platform called Microsoft teams. While this video platform can be accessed on computers, it also has a mobile app. Some students are always on the go and with the Microsoft Team’s mobile app, students can attend class from anywhere.

With all of these mobile apps available, why not take advantage of them on a device we use every day? All  of these mobile apps can be found in the google play store or the apple app store.

Written by Lenah Allen. Photos courtesy of VSU website, google app website, and prexels.

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