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People Poll: How do students deal with stress?

The school semester is already stressful, whether you are learning remotely or face-to-face. School is not the only thing that many students must deal with. For many students, their schedules include work, classes, quarantine, children and family. So how do they their stress?

Anthony Willingham, a junior dental hygiene major

“Stress has always been known as the “silent killer” and while many people suffer from this “disease”, some of us have found ways to battle it. One of my strategies is by allowing myself to accept the situation that I am facing and find a nice, quiet space for me to meditate the pain away.”

Thomas Rideau IV, sophomore chemistry major

“I deal with my stress by being physically active and enjoying the warm weather of Valdosta, Ga.”

Anna Bowden, a senior business management major .

“I deal with stress in many ways, but it all depends on the level of stress that the task brings me. If it’s pretty minor, I’ll go for a drive, roam through Target, or spend a day watching random shows and try to relax. If it’s more major, I tend to avoid thinking or talking about it, and end up procrastinating until the very last second. Sometimes I write a song or two.”

Shanya Jackson, a junior English major

“I like to write to relieve my stress and going over and reading what I have written often helps. Petting my dogs always helps because they are always wanting to be loved on. I also like to binge watch whatever my current interest on Netflix is.”

Also, remember that the the VSU Counseling Center would be more than happy to help with anything that you may need this semester.

Written by Madison Gruber, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Madison Gruber.

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