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Jenyla Brown at Capitol building for internship as Senatorial Aide

Representing VSU as Senatorial Aide at Capitol in Atlanta

Greetings, VSU Blazers.

My name is Jenyla Brown, and I am a sophomore political science major with a concentration in journalism.

During the 2022 Georgia Legislative Session, which also happens to be a “special session”, I will be interning with the Georgia General Assembly.

The Georgia General Assembly is within the Georgia State Capitol, also known as “The Gold Dome”, located in Atlanta, Ga.

This special session typically occurs once every decade and addresses redistricting for House Members, Senators and U.S. congressional districts, as well as competitive elections, such as the position of Lieutenant Governor.

My title as a Senatorial Aide for Senator Randy Robertson (29th District) and Senator Greg Dolezal (27th District) permits my access to the extensive legislative processes of Georgia.

The priorities of a senatorial aide are to assist the senator(s) with their committee duties, which consists of the preparation and administration of committee-specific legislation.

Senator Robertson, chairmen of the Retirement Committee, is an extremely established, law enforcement veteran, whose focus during this session is the reform of civic and political issues.

Senator Dolezal, chairmen of the Science and Technology Committee, is a more recent Senator, Entrepreneur and established Businessman, whose focus during this session is to address COVID-19 restrictions and developing legislation that eliminates the inclusion of the Critical Race Theory in schools.

Since senators are directly delegated by their districts, and simultaneously serve as chairmen or women, of their respected committees, I also respond to correspondence from constituents and direct them to the necessary state agencies.

This position warrants me to work significantly close to the Senate Research Office, Secretary of Senate Office and Senate Press.

Additionally, I have the luxury of developing and observing controversial and significantly influential legislation that directly impacts the future of the state of Georgia.

A few of the Senatorial committees I will be reporting on are as follows: Public Safety, Science and Technology, Juvenile Justice, Retirement, Urban Affairs and Education and Youth.

Through the Spectator, I hope my hands-on experience piques your interest in a range of interesting topics, and I plan on providing my personal perspective when applicable.

Stay tuned to your fellow Blazer under the Gold Dome!

Written by Jenyla Brown, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Jenyla Brown.

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