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Panel Affirms Racial and Sexual Bias is Alive and Well

As disappointing and unsurprising as it is, racism and stereotypes are still extremely prevalent in everyday life, and the VSU campus is definitely not an exception. This was highlighted in a panel called “How Comfortable Am I” led by Professor Andrea Ramirez, where she gathered a diverse cast of VSU organization leaders to discuss their experiences with prejudice at the ...

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People Poll: What is it like working or not working in college?

“I honestly think it makes it easier to focus on your grades and school when you have a job. It gives you the opportunity to take a step away from everything and take your mind off school for a moment. It’s also a good way to start saving up for the future after college.” – Garrett Vanadore, employed senior mass ...

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Habitat for Humanity wants to boost engagement this year

Habitat for Humanity at VSU is a non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable housing throughout the community. The campus organization partners with the local chapter in the community. They also raise money to donate back to the local chapter. Last year they raised $2,000. This year, Habitat for Humanity plans on raising money to give back to the local ...

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People Poll: Is Police Brutality an issue in America?

“Stereotypes are a large part of the issues we have with police brutality in America today, and I feel like a lot of it is due to a lack of cultural education on our parts. I also believe anyone in a position of power can become power hungry, so that could contribute to some of the issues in the police ...

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Letter to the Editor: Balloon Policy

Dear Editor, As I walked home from summer classes and received the email containing this proposed policy; I admittedly was awestruck. Respectfully sir, the frivolousness behind the enaction of such a policy is something I would akin to Washington, D.C., or more recently Atlanta, GA. There are several issues with the textual language of the policy of which I discuss ...

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Get Rid of Bullying for Good

When we think of a bully, our minds stray to the stereotypes we’ve learned from teen flicks and children’s shows. We may imagine the infamous “swirly” subjecting its victims to a face full of toilet water and hopelessly flailing limbs. We may even picture the typical geek in his thick-rimmed, black glasses looking on meekly as his abuser strolls away, ...

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VSU Implements Mental Minutes

VSU has announced a student service program this semester called Mental Minutes. The VSU Counseling Center offers the Mental Minutes student service to faculty. Mental Minutes is a 10 minute presentation available upon faculty request during class time. According to VSU’s website, a member of the VSU Counseling Center staff will provide a brief presentation and give helpful handouts to ...

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The Raw Truth About College

College is a life-altering experience. For many freshmen, it may take a few weeks to properly adjust to the change—from living at home with their parents and depending on them for everything to living on their own and having full independence. While the transition might be difficult for some first-year students, returning students find the first couple of weeks to ...

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VSU Chemistry Department seeks eggshells for project

The chemistry department at VSU is currently seeking donations of eggshells for a project taking place this semester. The eggshells are to be used specifically for experiments here at VSU that will work towards an economical means of developing a type of compound called a bryostatin. Bryostatins are compounds that occur naturally in certain bacteria. These bacteria live symbiotically with ...

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Students mingle at the Multicultural Mixer

On Thursday, Aug. 16, VSU organizations held a multicultural mixer in the Student Union Ballroom to show students how diverse the campus is. The event included about 17 of the campus’s organizations such as Alpha Phi Alpha, The Arabic Club and The Caribbean Student Association. To start the program off Mu Omicron Chapter presented a stroll routine. The program then ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!