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Sneakerhead Invasion

Every day at VSU, students of all classifications wear different styles and brands of shoes. The “Sneakerheads,” however, take pride in the quantity and rareness of their sneakers compared to others.

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‘Saw3D’ disappoints, keeps drawing series’ diehard fans

 Last Friday, at the opening night of “Saw 3D,” I walked into the theater expecting to walk back out again in 30 minutes demanding my money back.   Around two hours later, I left the theater with adrenaline rushing through my system, wondering how in the living hell the filmmakers had managed to make me feel that way with such ...

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‘X-men: First Class’ begins filming close to home

 The film industry seems to be taking a firm hold on Georgia, and now one of the largest film franchises of all has chosen a part of the Peach State as its backdrop.   The next installment of the X-Men franchise is being filmed on a 4.5 acre stretch of beach at Jekyll Island, near Savannah.   Some scenes from ...

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Musical talent on campus

 Kendall Curry is a junior, mass media major, but going to class every day isn’t all that he does.   Curry is an up incoming rapper better known by his initials, K.C. “I didn’t want to use a stage name because that’s not who I am” Curry said.  Music has always been important to K.C.  “It’s the way I express myself,” ...

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Cheap Dinner Breakdown

 Valdosta is full of restaurants that are well within a college student’s budget. No matter if you crave taste, style or price, Valdosta has a restaurant for you.    There are many Mexican restaurants in town including Rodeo, on Ashley Street, and El Toreo with two locations.  There is an El Toreo on Gornto Road and another on North Valdosta ...

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Don’t wind up on this site

 DearDrunkMe.com is a Web site created for sober people to speak to their drunken alter ego.   VSU students Alex Abell, a senior marketing major and Omari Brown, a senior computer science major, created the website on July 1.  Abell and Brown started the site after partaking in several drunken nights.  Realizing that they were engaging in inappropriate behavior, Brown ...

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Former Blazers continue success in the pros

 Some former Blazers end up as all-Americans, while some are fortunate enough to play professionally.  VSU has produced athletes that have been drafted to the NFL, some who play overseas or play arena football.  Some of the many Blazers who play professional ball include Richard Foreman, Mike Bowmen, Artie Ulmer, Mark Cantano, York Kurinsky, Richard Collier, Ced Dickerson, Brad Trout, ...

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Blazers look to secure GSC title

When the VSU Blazers take on the West Georgia Wolves at 2 p.m. at the Bazemore-Hyder Stadium Saturday, they will be playing for more than in-state bragging rights and the Peach State Basket.

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VSU basketball season set to start soon

 Beginning Nov. 12, the Blazers will start the season off by playing Saint Leo at 8 p.m.   I am extremely excited for the beginning of the season because VSU school spirit is at its finest.  The students pack the Complex with their red and black attire, while the basketball teams feel the presence of the students as they yell ...

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Blazers fine with no stand-out receiver

  At 7-1 and atop the Gulf South Conference, the Blazers are on familiar ground but they’ve changed their strategy for winning.   The biggest difference: No game-changing receivers.  No stand-outs.  Just a group of dedicated players scrambling to win.  “We got a blue-collar group out there,” David Dean, Head Coach, said. “There’s no real superstar out there, so to speak, ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!