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Election Update: Georgia’s governor still undecided

More than a week after Election Day, Georgia voters still don’t know who their governor is. Stacey Abrams has declined to concede victory to Brian Kemp until all ballots cast are counted; Kemp’s campaign has claimed that it’s “mathematically impossible” for Abrams to tally enough votes to force a run-off. There’s also been disagreement regarding the number of votes left ...

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The Spectator’s Mid-Term Elections Review

In yesterday’s Mid-Term elections, millions of Americans casted their votes. Some were motivated by a “Blue Wave” and a chance to check the powers of an administration often seen as contentious or divisive. Others took the polls galvanized by the blue wave’s possibility, determined to retain conservative control in our nation’s political offices. Now, over 24 hours after polls closed, ...

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Editorial: Georgia governor’s race needs to rewrite history

The VSU Spectator is asking Brian Kemp to rewrite history. We’d like to ask this gubernatorial candidate to rewrite history in an actual sense. We’d be thrilled to see Kemp go back to the moment he announced his decision to run for governor of Georgia and step down from his position as secretary of state, to ensure a fair election. ...

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