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New sound grenade device might make college students safer on campus

Photo Courtesy of ROBOCOPP

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

One quick pull will set this grenade a ringin’.

An Oakland-based startup company recently released a new portable safety device that is quickly gaining popularity on college campuses nationwide.

The ROBOCOPP sound grenade weighs less than an ounce, and when the black pin is pulled the device emits an ear-piercing sound that is as loud as an ambulance at 120 decibels in hopes of detering possible thefts and attacks.

“It’s really popular for college students for a lot of reasons, it was born on a college campus,” said ROBOCOPP spokesperson Jill Turner. “The device has a two-pronged purpose: to deter someone and to attract attention.”

Turner believes that the device is a good fit for a college enviorment.

“When you’re on a college campus you obviously already have that built in sense of community who are all looking out for themselves and each other,” said Turner. “People on college campuses are way more likely to keep up if something is going on.”

VSU currently has several blue light alert systems throughout campus, but Turner believes that by implementing ROBOCOPP it will be a great companion in improving campus safety

“The sound grenade is so perfect to not only enhance but to augment what campus security is already doing.”

Besides the ROBOCOPP, Turner’s main piece of saftey advice? Remove your phone from your face.

“When you’re on your phone completely oblivious to everything around you, all you have are your body, your voice, and your awareness,” Turner said.

While there may be similar devices with cheaper prices already out on the market, ROBOCOPP gives potential buyers a more astheically pleasing option for just a bit more.

Robocopp can be purchased either through the company’s website, Robocopp.com or Amazon for the price of $19.99.

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