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VSU students aren’t the only ones adjusting to online classes

The transition to full online classes has not been an easy one. Many teachers were not prepared for the unexpected change and therefore, had a hard time adapting to the new normal. Dr. Leslie Jones, professor of Biology, stated that the new way of teaching takes more time. “I spend all day on the computer,” Dr. Jones said. “First, it ...

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College graduates may struggle to find jobs during this time

It’s been over a month since the University System of Georgia declared that Spring Commencement will be canceled for all 26 USG institutions. Since then, VSU has decided to host a virtual Spring Commencement on May 9 and a special spring graduate recognition event during Homecoming week in the fall semester. But the soon to be VSU alumnae may have ...

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VSU community continues to come together through virtual events

VSU student organizations, including Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity and Campus Board Activities continue to keep students actively engaged in the VSU community through virtual events on social media. The most interactive social media platform for VSU organizations is Instagram with a feature that allows students to “go live” and broadcast any events they hold. Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity ...

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Over 60 masks donated to VDP during the highest peak of pandemic

Face masks have become one of the many necessities that almost about everyone uses to ensure they don’t get exposed to the deadly virus we’ve come to know as the coronavirus. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a mask. Luckily there are a few individuals who have a gift that can help supply those people with the life saving mask that they ...

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How to stay productive during a quarantine

We all have nothing but time on our hands during this pandemic. Instead of being on your phones all day or binge-watching television shows and movies, now is the time to take advantage of the time we have to do all the things we usually would not have time to do.. If you have time to be bored at home, ...

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Students express anger towards new refund plan

Dr. Vincent Miller, vice president of student affairs released an updated statement regarding student refunds for the spring 2020 term. According to the email, service fee refunds will be issued by April 10. The refund plan that was developed by the University System of Georgia will include $26 worth of student fees as well as 44% of housing fees, 100% ...

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Petition and student concerns discussed at on-line press conference

VSU’s spring semester will continue as originally planned, despite the transition to on-line classes caused by the coronavirus, according to Dr. Rodney Carr, vice president for student success. Dr. Carr made the announcement and discussed related issues at an on-line press conference Monday afternoon. “We have not made any plans to extend the semester at all,” he said. “It looks ...

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Students rely on petition in hopes to avoid online classes

It’s no secret that all VSU classes have recently been converted to an online format due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, professors have had to tailor their syllabus to fit the online format so students can engage successfully in the classes as if they were still in face-to-face classes. But some VSU students are not okay with the ...

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SGMC holds coronavirus press conference, five staff members considered ‘high risk’

South Georgia Medical Center officials held a press conference Thursday to address the first case of COVID-19 found in Lowndes County. Dr. Brian Dawson, Chief Medical Officer of SGMC, confirmed that since the first case of COVID-19 was found at SGMC, five staff members are now considered “high risk” and are being closely monitored. SGMC officials recommended that those individuals ...

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First case of virus in Lowndes County confirmed

COVID-19 Updates

South Georgia Medical Center officials were notified Wednesday that a patient that had been treated at SGMC has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the new strain of the coronavirus. The Georgia Department of Public Health released a statement Wednesday announcing the case, while also saying that the health risk was low in Lowndes County. According to the Valdosta Daily Times, the ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!