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45 filmmakers expected at South Georgia Film Fest

The fourth annual South Georgia Film Festival is just a few days away right here in our very own Blazer Nation. The South Georgia Film Festival not only bring filmmakers, students and the community together, but it also draws attention to Valdosta as a whole. With all the attention growing on the south side of Georgia, more filmmakers will be ...

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College courses could stall student graduation

Often, many college students worry about graduating late because the class(es) they need are only offered at certain times. For example, if you need to take ENGL 4500 to graduate the upcoming fall semester, you would have to wait  until the spring semester because that’s when the course is offered. According to the Valdosta State Office of University Advising and ...

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Spectator Spotlight:New student business finding early success

From a wig construction company to several types of quality goods,“Pretty Spoiled Beauteé ‘’ was born after Shanneek Prince decided 2019 was her year of growth. Valdosta State University has had a trend of student business’ growing throughout its campus. Prince’s journey to start Pretty Spoiled Beauteé became something she knew she wanted to make happen. “Throughout the entire 2019 ...

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BHM; just one of many ethnic months

Black History Month is a nearly 100-year-old tradition that, over the years, has become widely recognized across VSU campus and the entire country. It seems to garner more attention than other ethnically dedicated months, such as Indian Heritage Month, Asian Heritage Month, and many others. The African American Studies Program has been partnering with student organizations on campus to celebrate ...

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How vegan-friendly is VSU?

VSU is a large school that has multiple options when it comes to food choices. There are on-campus restaurants, markets, and even two reputable buffet style dining areas. These places offer a variety of nutritional meals for students, teachers, and faculty. While the some students enjoy the food at these places, there are some students and teachers that practice other ...

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Research program seeks for more students to participate

The Blazer Summer Research Institute is a competitive program for VSU faculty and undergraduate students. This program emerged last academic year through a collaboration between the Dean’s Council and the Undergraduate Research Council. Through this program, students are able to analyze data or sources through research and  learning how to build and maintain a team to conduct research. This program ...

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How to stay mentally fit in college

As a college student it’s far too easy to go about our day disregarding our mental health. We put it off as being too tired or any other excuse other than being in tune with our mental health. Over the years, mental illness has become a very controversial topic, especially on college campuses. Everyone likes to rave about physical health ...

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VSU’s financial aid pays for book

VSU Day 1 textbook savings program seeks to help students pay for their course materials at lower rates through the bookstore by automatically charging students with the lowest prices by the publishers, according to the auxiliary services. Professors have the option of offering this program to their classes, allowing students to purchase the required texts using their financial aid. The ...

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People Poll: How do you stay mentally fit during college?

Tashara Matthews, senior health science major “I sleep. Anytime I’m not in class or at work I’m just sleeping. I don’t really think about anything else.” Alexis Bass, senior art major “At first I wasn’t worried about being mentally healthy, but the past few years I’ve started doing therapy and taking out me time just to clear my head, stuff ...

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VSU attempts to swipe away hunger

VSU has decided to swipe out hunger. Why? Because some VSU students are struggling with hunger. According to the hunger relief organization, Second Harvest of South Georgia, Lowndes county is among the nation’s top 10 percent for food insecurity in the general population. In hopes of ending this problem, SGA has allowed VSU students to donate one meal swipe from ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!